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Guest Comment Book -- read what actual customers are saying about their experience with renting a condo from us at

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 5 September 2017 to 4 October 2017.

Once again l had the pleasure of a months holiday in Jomtien, as usual the service offered by was beyond reproach, everything is provided as
advertised including power, water, Internet, towels, toiletries, linens and welcome snacks and drinks in the fridge .
The efficient, non intrusive, extremely friendly service that they provide is exceptional. In my opinion it cannot be replicated, thanks you guys for helping to make all of my visits a memorable experience.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company to everyone.
Terry Dann.

Stayed in View Talay Condo 5C from 4 September 2015 to 18 September 2015

It"s been a month since I stayed in your condo, room 120 View Talay 7 Jomtien I have finally got around to thanking you for making my vacation a pleasure.
The very well organised and exceptional service you provide is absolutely first class, the unit is as described with all the little extras and thankyou also for installing the qualcast that was an added bonus, I will stay with you again and make sure I recommend you to all my friends.
Best regards Terry Dann.

Stayed in View Talay Condo 5C from 4 September 2015 to 4 October 2015

First of all I would like to thank you for your efforts regarding my recent stay at ViewTalay 5C. I would also like to submit my review and would ask you to cut and paste to your Guest review book.

I look forward to seeing you again in March 2016.

I stayed at ViewTalay 5C in Jomtien from 4th September 2015 for one month.   I have stayed in Jomtien and Pattaya many times but until this time I had always stayed in 3 or 4 star hotels.  I decided on my previous visit to look at renting a condo and looked around the area of Jomtien for a suitable location, during this time I found several View Talay condo sites.  

I then  googled and searched for viewtalay Jomtien and came up with  who I emailed asking for information regarding price and availability of their condo's.

My email was promptly replied to with the required details of various condos in the vicinity required and the procedure needed to reserve .

I was pleasantly surprised by the monthly rental price which was nearly half of what I would pay for a hotel of a similar location and standard and this price included all electricity and water which is usually an added extra in other condo rentals

I opted for View Talay 5c which is close to the beach and just five minutes walk to bars and restaurants both along the beach and also along the main road. A taxi was also arranged to pick me up from Bangkok airport for 1200 bt

The condo itself was on the 12th floor with beautiful views of both the sea and also Jomtien itself.  It was a spacious 48 square meters with a very large and most comfortable bed and I would suggest the most comfortable of all my stays in Thailand. Also included was a change of bedding and several towels, cleaning equipment and toiletries all included in the price 

The condo was equipped with all cooking facilities including cooker, microwave,  toaster, kettle and all crockery and cutlery required if you wanted to cook for yourself during your stay. A large screen television and also  a water filter fitted so that there was no need to buy water from elsewhere.

For peace of mind there is a very secure electronic safe fitted in the room although the building is very well manned by security guards with and electronic key needed for entrance to the grounds from the beach.

On the ground floor there is a handy convenience store and several laundries, a bar with Pool table etc. and, outside a very large swimming pool with a poolside bar serving both drinks and meals.

There are two buildings Viewtalay 5C and 5D so there are substantial quiet roads if,  like me, you want to take the time  to get used to riding a motor scooter. ( which by the way were available to rent via this same service)

I was sent a detailed email regarding what to do on my arrival on check in day and was greeted who showed me how to operate the facilities (safe etc) in the condo.

I would like to thank you for very professional and efficient help regarding my stay and I have already reserved a condo for my next visit in March 2016.

I think I have covered most things in my review and anyone requiring any further independent information regarding the condo, you are welcome to email me at

Stayed in View Talay Condo 5C from 29 April 2015 to 6 May 2015

Something for your guestbook

I can't speak highly enough about this service - Oh I neglect to
mention the condo which is outstanding. Fantastic view. I am a frequent
visitor to Jomtien usually staying in a hotel. In fact when I first arrived
I did stay at a hotel two doors down from the View Talay 5C security gate
that is manned for your security. Not that you need it as it is totally
safe here with a police station at the end of the no traffic allowed beach
road. All I have to do is step into the elevator ride down and take a very
short stroll to my favorite beach in the world and I pride myself on having
discovered Dongtan Jomtien when Copacabana and Wiakiki are so much closer
but you will appreciate how far away they are once you arrive. The condo
itself is VERY comfortable with every possible amenity you could think of my
favorite being the water filtration system which saves you lugging water
bottles around which is almost worth the price of the condo itself. I
decided to move here from the hotel and am kicking myself for not having
rented the condo for my entire stay. All the hotel and restaurant
facilities are at your disposal guest or not. I have been here a month and
sadly must leave tomorrow and am seriously considering purchasing a condo of
my own and putting it in this program I have so much faith in his ability
to take care of every need. In fact, this service puts so much thought into making
your stay perfect I doubt you'll need to see him again until time to leave
as is my case.

The bed is ever so comfortable and the building facilities will meet any
need not otherwise available in the condo (maid service, laundry, massage,
restaurant, convenience store) You simply can't go wrong with View Talay
5C. I also looked at condos in View Talay 7 and note there is a premium for
that building. I don't get it. 5C is directly on the best beach, the best
restaurants are right outside the gate and the pool is fantastic. Whichever
condo you choose I am certain you will be very happy. First to last day has
been without a hitch and that rarely happens anywhere. Come to Jomtien and
rent from this web site. I can't give a high enough recommendation. I am most
willing to answer any questions you might have out of respect for good
business well done. Please feel free to contact me at
anytime with questions you would like from a third party. I'll do my best
to get right back to you.

Michael McCurdy
Houston, Texas USA

Stayed in View Talay 1 from 6 January 2015 to 4 April 2015 and 12 April 2015 to 30 April 2015:

Hey, here's my comment. Its not very verbose, but short and to the point :)

I stayed with ViewTalayCondos from early january until the end of april 2015.
I was very happy with the level of service and personal touch of the manager.
He is always happy to fix any problem or help you with any information that he can.
When the AC in my unit broke, he put me up in a much bigger and more expensive condo
for free while it was fixed. He even offered me to stay there an extra few days for
my trouble.
I highly recommend ViewTalayCondos for your stay in Pattaya.

Rune, Norway

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 31 October 2014 to 17 November 2014:


We stayed at View Talay 7 unit #3 (6th floor) for the dates October 31th to November 17th. It was our 5th trip to Pattaya, but this was the first time with a little child, and not in a hotel. We are a family of 2 adults and a 2 y.o. very active child.

So, first of all many thanks to the owner for his hospitality and human style of his business!!!

The hospitality was:

cleaned room, kitchen, bathroom – just to step in and start living;

equipment: all necessary (to safe valuables; to cook; to eat; to wash people, cloths, dishes; to clean floors, furniture, glass, sink, w.c. pan etc.) and no superfluous ; a full set of tooth paste and brushes, shampoo, shower gel, soap etc.;clean comfortable pillows, blankets (one on the bed plus additional) and all necessary bed set items; a refrigerator welcome: a few drinks and snacks - not to rush to the closest shop while feeling exhausted after flight.

The human style was:

clear language – both written and oral (while English is native language for the owner he speaks simple words in slow pace repeating and getting feedback that you understood him) before booking: providing any necessary information in very quick and simple manner (while all the info at the website is quite true and full, photos are real); during living: up to you – any help with domestic equipment or leaving you alone (no unexpected visits, additional control etc.)

Location and infrastructure:

Nice sea view; The sea is just on the distance of a few steps (the condo building is separated from the sea by a walking pathway) – you can use a gate to get to the sea directly from the condo; the mentioned path can be used for foot walking (no shops and few transports make it very quiet, safe and comfortable, the path and beach are lighted in the evenings so you can walk and swim at night-time); shopping: all around you can buy fresh fruits (mostly ready to eat (cut, with special sticks and spoons)), tasty iced mandarin orange juice, cooked “right here right now” banana pancakes and numerous sea food, beach goods (toys for children, mats, chip swim glasses etc.)

The ideal shop for a beach tourist is right on the nearest corner – a little chain shop named “7eleven” – provides you with cold and hot drinks, cold and warmed snacks, cosmetics in small packs, etc -- open 24 hrs.

And 10 minutes on foot – a medium supermarket “Foodmart” – wide range of European foods (dairy, groceries etc.) but prices are a bit higher than at “Tesco Lotus” (10-15 minutes by car – for long stay)

On the ground floor of the condo they offer 2 laundry shops, 2 massage shops, everyday goods shop (like 7\11), a small restaurant, and also there is a playing room (no nanny service) – comfortable, clean, conditioned, equipped with toys for children of different ages – a parent play with his child (for 60 baht per hour); currency exchange: by 2 banks on each side of the street corner – choose better offer; drug shops are all around.

This is really a good place to stay in but as all real it’s not ideal. Shortcomings:

1. To stay with a child:

Balcony: the owner helped us to make it safety for the child (fix the door with the strong adhesive tape), but unfortunately adults can’t relax and enjoy the balcony dinner (the balcony hedge is unsafe for a child);

Shower heads: It’s not moving (fixed ahead) – a child and an adult take shower together – but it helps you to save time.

2. Internet: Sometimes the access was not stable – a call to the owner made it to relive.
3. Ironing: The unit is equipped with the washing machine but there is no the iron – laundries on the ground floor solve the “difficulty”.

In addition we specially appreciated a wide modern (with orthopedic mattress) bed (we could sleep with a child comfortably), ventilation system (in addition to modern conditioning system). The furniture is quite appropriate to keep not only cloths for 2-3 people but also to hide suitcases. We wish you pleasant vacation – enjoy the Sun, fruits, the Sea!!!

If you need more info concerning staying with the child in Pattaya feel free to contact us:

Anitsa, Sergey and a little happy boy Oleg,
Moscow, Russia

Stayed in View Talay 5 from 26 September 2014 to 17 October 2014

Everything does not have time to thank you.
Thank you very much!
You have a wonderful apartment, we did not experience any discomfort.
If we meet in Pattaya again, we certainly want to stay with you! All friends would advise your services!
Thank you!

You can place your comment in the guestbook. Below you can add this especially for Russian people in Russian language coming to Pattaya and Jomtien (I think it will be helpful):

Друзья, я с семьей долго выбирал, где остановиться. Я очень рад, что я начал сотрудничать с Джейсоном. Джейсон заказал для нас такси, которое встретило нас с аэропорта в день прилета (несмотря на часовую задержку авиарейса). Квартира очень понравилась, описание на сайте достоверно, все фотографии соответствуют действительности. По приезду обнаружили подарок от Джейсона, немного напитков в холодильнике, орешки и шоколадки, что было очень кстати, так как мы приехали ночью и идти уже никуда не хотелось. Мы жили в Viewtalay 5 на 12 этаже. Проживающих в доме немного, в основном иностранцы, мы видели только две русские семьи, когда ходили в бассейн. Внизу есть прачечная, массажный салон, кафэшки, что очень удобно, когда не хочется никуда идти. Расположение дома очень удобное: до пляжа идти минут 5-7 (пляж находится не возле дороги, поэтому народу на нем немного), до рынка можно доехать на тук-туке - 10 минут, в шаговой доступности находится европейский супермаркет FoodMart, в котором можно купить всё что потребуется.
Я, жена и дочка очень благодарны Джейсону за то, что предоставил нам свою квартиру, нам очень понравилось и мы обязательно вернемся!

Thank you!
Иван Осташко

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 20 July 2014 to 16 August 2014

We stayed on the unit that was on the 5th Floor of View Talay 7 from 20th July to 16th August 2014. We were pleasantly surprised on arrival with the presentation of the unit, cleanliness and thoughtful additional touches provided for our arrival i.e. an abundance of toiletries including toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditoner, body lotion, toilet paper etc and even a few light snacks in the fridge together with water and a couple of light beers which were a welcome treat since we didnt get in till 10.30pm and had no idea where the nearest 711 would be. The provision of a complimentary mobile phone was a welcome addition ensuring a sense of security for us as we knew the proprieter could assist us if we needed him, which we didnt. He was very informative on arrival and happy for us to ring him at any time.

This condo service was personable and professional in all dealings with us from the original online bookings right up to our departure. As others have said, the location is great and we intend booking again for our next trip to Jomtien Beach. We are a couple in our 60s and thoroughly enjoyed our totall Pattaya/Jomtien experience, and were well informed about the whole area.

Dianne and Tom (of Australia).

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 30 April 2014 to 6 May 2014

Dear Jason,

We always like to stay in one of your condo's. Major reasons are:
- easy booking
- perfect service by you.
- everything is provided, towels, sheets, bathroom filled with shampoo, soap, shaving, tooth brushes, toothpaste, etc.
- perfect locations of all condo's
- air conditioners are working good
- clean by arrival
- no time waste by checking out due extra charges.
Perfect place to enjoy a worry free stay, short or long term!
Back for View Talay 7- 6st floor, soon in July, for a whole month, knowing it will be again a relaxing stay.
Thank you for giving us always a perfect stay.
Erik - Peter
Shanghai & Belgium

Stayed in View Talay 1B from 26 March 2014 long term

I looked at many advertiments on line and had quite a few tours as I was here in Thailand for a month before deciding on a rental for the duration of my stay, I found Jason and his properties actually better than advertised. total satisfaction and over the top personal service. I challenge you to find better at this price…… jeff at pls feel free to e mail me for conformation..

Stayed in View Talay 5 from 29 November 2013 to 29 December 2013

Just a quick note to say thanks for the first class service and accommodation you provided for us on our recent stay in View Talay Condos, Jomtien.
We enjoyed our stay very much and not only because the quality of the apartment was high and the location was great, but a big factor for me is the confidence I had when booking with you. Having stayed with you previously I knew that I would be getting exactly what I wanted with no fuss, complications or extra charges! This takes away a lot of the stress and hassle I associate with sourcing vacation accommodation. So, you can be sure I'll be recommending you on to family and friends in the future.

Thanks again,
Simon & Nok.

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 2 December 2013 to 2 January 2014

I have been renting your condo in WT-7 5th floor for a second time now. And I have already reserved for next year. I appreciate you highly professional service and good standard. About VT-7 I think this is the best location in the area, with near access to the beach, Jomtien centrum and easy baht bus to Pattaya. This makes it my favorite place for vacation.

Runar Wessel

Stayed in View Talay 5 from 29 August 2013 to 29 September 2013

Thank you for making my stay in Thailand a pleasant one. The condo had everything I needed and the fresh towels were great to have. Also, I appreciate that you were able to find a place for me on such short notice, that was very nice. Finally, thanks for being so good with communication when I had questions and assisting me with the broken lock on the first night. I would recommend your services to my friends and family if they ever want to visit Thailand.

Van Nguyen

Stayed in View Talay 5 from 18 August 2013 to 1 September 2013

Thank you very much for having the opportunity to stay two weeks in you Condo in ViewTalay 5 (Aug 2013). It was really great, everything. Well equipped, a beautiful view from the balcony and good drinking water just from the tap. Wifi was good as was the big flat TV. It was clean and felt that they really wanted me too have a good stay. His engagement and care for me was great all the time. I will really recommend this Condo for all my friends.

Claes Mjörnheim

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 12 April 2013 to 27 April 2013

I would like to takes this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful time we have spent in view talay 7 room 120. Our stay was very exciting and the location off the condominium is indescribable, you could not ask for a more convenient place. If you not familiar with the place and area the first thing we did was to get on a Baht Bus and let him go, after we get our bearings together and we know where we are and where we want to go, it was now hazel further. The restaurant at the swimming pool is also a Great place to have a Breakfast, The people there is great and very helpful.

Mike De Jager and family
South Africa

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 10 January 2013 to 22 January 2013

We had a very enjoyable and stress free stay in this Condo.From check in to check out things went very smoothly.and even arranged for a taxi to take us to the Cambodian border.
I enjoyed Dongtan Cafe on the beach for a $3 cooked breakfast and also the boys at "OK beach lounges" who would bring you all kinds of food and drinks on their bicycles from a nearby resteraunt.

Jomtien is really well set up for the tourist with everything located nearby.
The first thing we did when we arrived home was to book again for July 2013.

Colin & Elizabeth Stevens,
Toodyay, Western Australia.

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 22 April 2012 to 11 June 2012

Hi Jason
I stayed at View Talay 7 condo from the end of April to the middle of June, 2012 and really enjoyed the experience. I appreciated your attention to details and responsiveness when I made a request. I can highly recommend ViewTalayCondos.Com to other travelers. Thanks so much. Norm

Stayed in View Talay 7 from 20 February 2012 to 5 March 2012

I’m delighted to write a comment on my stay.

Reading through some of the feedback it all seems to have been said.
I have stayed in holiday accommodation all over the world and I can say without doubt this was one of the most equipped including details such as toiletries that usually come with 5 star hotels.
The wifi a welcome bonus.Although perfectly adequate I would have been happy to pay a few dollars more for extra tv stations.
My only gripe and it’s not a gripe at all, is that you don’t have adjoining apartments which would make for 2 bedroom accommodation.
Please buy next door and bang a door in.
Certainly I will continue to recommend people stay with you.
Of course the location and pool are perfect and the staff charming.
A pleasure to meet you Jason.


Stayed in View Talay 1B from 24 September 2011 to 22 October 2011

Hi Jason, good to hear from you. Not a day goes by that we don't talk about or miss our stay in Jomtien. Just loved it. Will do the guest comment card for you as soon as I'm done with work. I only have good things to say with the odd suggestion here or there. I would recommend a stay to friends any day. I hope business is ok in view of the flood pictures and reports on our screens. We thought of you and prayed for your safety. All the best and thanks again for all the extra bits you did.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Badenhorst

Checked out of View Talay 5 on August 26 2011

This is the best accomodation I have ever had being on holidays. The condo had everything you could possibly need and more, a well equiped kitchenette, internet connection, guides and maps and even a cell phone with a sim card in it. Pool and security is excellent, on the ground floor you can find restaurants, minimarts, laundry service and interenet café. As I was travelling with my wife and 3 year old daughter I was worried her accessing the balcony area but after expressing my concerns a solution was presented and I was mighty impressed. Renting from is like renting a place from a good friend and by far beats any 5 stars hotels. We’ll certainly stay there again on our next trip.

Many thanks for having us,

Adrian, Kung and Felicia.

Checked out of VT5C on the 27th of July 2011

I had a very comfortable stay in this room and it was very well located.
Everything you could possibly want is within easy walk and it's only a short Baht
Bus ride into town for a night out. The building itself is very well maintained
with excellent management and friendly staff. The pool was a delight in the
afternoons and the beach is a clean and peaceful alternative if you choose. I
stayed for 5 weeks and it was a wonderful home away from home, much better than
staying in a hotel for such a long time. ViewTalayCondos was the perfect host and
landlord, available if you have any questions or problems, but not interfering in
any way. I will certainly stay here again if I return. Thanks ViewTalayCondos.


Checked out of View Talay 5C on 1 May 2011

The condo at VT 5C was accurately represented on the website. It was very clean, comfortable with a great air conditioner and more than reasonably stocked in order to insure I did not have to rush out to buy anything. The 2 markets downstairs are reasonable priced and sell everything needed for daily living. went beyond the call of duty and proved to be a great vacation asset. I highly recommend doing business with this Gentleman.

Craig Allison

Checked out of View Talay 5C on 1 April 2011


Thank you for providing a lovely condo in Viewtalay 5C for our recent stay. It was very comfortable and convenient to the beach,restaurants,transport etc. The transfers to and from the airport worked well. For me the availability of wi-fi Internet was a major plus as I was able to keep in touch with home via skype.Once again thanks for everything.


Checked out of View Talay 1B on 28 December 2010

I stayed in the View Talay 1, and I have to say that everything about my 2 month stay at this condo was perfect. He arranged my pick from the airport and once I got to the condo very early 2:30 am I was meant by his friend with the keys without a hitch...The Room was great, everything you need is there.. I had to call the owner one time because the battery in the safe died and I couldn't get my money, my problem was fixed in a 10 mins. I stayed in many condo's before this, and I will say hands down this was by far the best rental. I will stay in one of his condo's from now on.

Checked out of View Talay 7 on 21 December 2010

We would like to thank you for the wonderful three weeks we spent in your View Talay 7 condo. The condo really exceeded our expectations: It was spacious, well equipped with everything you could possibly need.
What we appreciated most was

- your excellent personal service and responsiveness,
- the location close to all the restaurants and above all to the beach with a direct and short footway with no need to use the busy main road,
- the air condition which could be set to a very low fan speed making it nearly noise free without the normal blow of cold air. We have experienced many air conditions and yours was the best we have seen so far,
- the balcony with a nice view to te seaside,
- the free WiFi Internet access,
- the built-in water-filter which saved us from carrying tens of bottles of water to the condo,
- the in-house laundry (very good, fast and cheap) and small supermarkets.

We have already decided to spend again some weeks at your condo during the next season. We will let you know within the next few days.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you again and see you next year!

Gernot and Bernd


Checked out of View Talay 1 on 11 August 2010

I just want to say thank you. I was very satisfied with the apartment, and look forward to further says in your various condos.

All the best,


Checked out of View Talay 5C on 28 June 2010

I have just returned home to Australia after spending my last 8 nights in view talay 5c at jomtien. These condos are located right on the beach within easy walking distance to bars and shops. They are as modern as any beacfront condo in the western world and at a third of the cost. The room has 65 cable tv channels. I watched all my australian football game live as well as world cup games. The condo has free wifi and a water cooler in the room. I would highly recommend staying with Their service was impeccable and there condo was just as accomodating.
Regards, Terry Ohanlon

Checked out of View Talay 1 on 17 May 2010

I stayed in View Talay 1 for two weeks in may. Many thanks for use of your excellent condo! Your service offers excellent value for money in a very competitive market. It was a very pleasant room, What condo operator offers a mobile phone and a water machine in the room at no extra cost!!?

Amazing really.

All the services you need are nearby, laundries, excellent 24 hour supermarket nearby, a great pool.

The beach is just 1 minute baht bus (price 10 baht) away and Pattaya 10 mins (10B) or so the other way. No noise at all.

A problem with the air conditioning was very promptly dealt with.

I would highly recommend anybody wishing for an easy no-fuss service to contact and book one of his condo's you will not be disappointed.

Ian Stockham
Derby England


Checked out of View Talay 7 on 1st April 2010
We would both like to express our appreciation to for their part in an unforgettable holiday in their brand new condominium, in Jomtien. From the moment we were welcomed, we both felt completely at home, and loved every minute of our month's stay there.
The condominium is superb, having all the pre requisites, anyone could ask for, even down to the provision of toiletries etc., and we liked the fact that includes the utility charges within the cost, so there are no hidden extras, when you come to check out.
The location is absolutely superb literally 200 yards from the Gulf Of Thailand, and I in particular, spent a great deal of time on the balcony, either first thing in the morning with a mug of Earl Grey, or late in the evening with a large bourbon or two just watching the waves break on the shore, a totally idyllic setting, peaceful and quiet.
It was just by chance, that I came upon's website, and from the start could not have been more helpful, and every detail of the content lived up to expectations when we arrived.
We will certainly be returning, as it was a wonderful holiday helped in no small measure by, our thanks again to you.
Alan and Ka


Checked out of View Taley 7 condo, 6th floor- 5 March 2010

A very special thank you to for helping to make our holiday
in Jomtien so enjoyable.   Their brand new condo on the 6th floor of View Taley
7 is in a fabulous location, has magnificant ocean views and overlooks a superb
swimming pool. VT7 is 2 minutes walk to the beach from the rear entrance and the
Baht buses are only 2 minutes walk away out of the front entrance.   Bars and
restaurants are 2 minutes walk away yet it's so quiet in the condo that you
wouldn't believe that nightlife existed around the corner.  Also, the local
shops are handy and Pattaya is only 10 minutes Baht bus ride away.  

What more can anyone ask for an ideal holiday location!  It's the first time we have been
on holiday and not felt ready for home so that speaks for itself.

We think ourselves extremely lucky that we came across's website when
looking for accommodation in Jomtien. We were the first people to have the
pleasure of staying in their new VT7 condo and pulled out all
the stops to get the condo decorated and brilliantly furnished for our arrival
mid-January - the granite floor is first class too. welcoming to Jomtien and their new condo certainly made
our holiday very special - in fact's advice about airport pick-up,
check-in and check-out was first class and hassle-free. is better than any
travel agent for organising things for his guests and nothing is too much
trouble.  Even soap, toothpaste etc are provided and an added bonus is that includes utility bills in his rental charge so there are no hidden extras.
We didn't expect 5* treatment when we booked the condo but we certainly received
it from start to finish.  

It has been a privilege to meet and his beautiful daughter -
they made us feel very welcome and part of their family.    It was also great to
meet's mum.

We hope to return to Jomtien later this year and will keep our fingers crossed
that can accommodate our booking, especially in VT7.   We
recommend that anyone planning a holiday in Jomtien checks availability with first - he is a true professional and cares that his guests enjoy their
holiday experience.
Sue & Brian

Lancashire, UK


Checked out of View Talay 5C: 21 June 2009 is an incredible host. In all of my many, many trips to Thailand,
I can honestly say that I have never been treated as well as on this trip. The condos are
immaculate and a great value. Thank you!

This condo felt like heaven to me. is a true professional dedicated to the happiness of his customers…..



Checked Out View Talay 5C: 27 November 2009


I just want to say thanks very much. I enjoyed my three week stay in your VT5 condo. The drinking water in the room was a real bonus.

Everything went smoothly, from my taxi pick up from the airport, and then meeting me at the condo. Great service. hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Thanks again and best wishes



Checked Out View Talay 5C:   31 July 2009
Warm welcome, also ideally situated near the beach in Jomtien, with taxi to Central
Pattaya. Very good plan for a family stay in paradise.
Stefan, Wandee et Samantha

Checked Out View Talay 5C: 30 April 2009
Would just like to pass on my great full thanks for the two weeks I spent at your condo. I will 
probably be in touch with you again to book up as you certainly give good value for money. 
I would also ask you to pass on my full thanks to Adam for all the help and advice he 
gave us while we stayed there which helped us greatly to enjoy our stay. If I could be so bold 
as to make a suggestion, perhaps it might be a good idea to put some sort of sticker on the 
glass patio doors, as I nearly came a cropper when I walked into it and banged my head. Other than that 
everything was perfect and I will of course recommend the apartment to all my friends. Hope you 
enjoyed your stay in the States and am sure you will be glad to return to the fantastic weather 
in Pattaya.
Wishing you a successful season
Kindest Regards, 
James Robinson

Checked Out View Talay 1: 16 January 2009

I would like to express the joys and comforts of staying at’s
condo. When I first came across their website there was no availability, so I 
wasn’t sure where I was going to stay. I usually would stay around Soi 8 and Soi 10. 
I kept checking back and finally an opening came up and I jumped right on it. 
I’m glad I did.

Staying at the condo gave me a feeling as if I was living there, and not on 
vacation. The condo location is very convenient and quiet. If you didn’t want 
to go into “town” all you had to do was go downstairs for a bite to eat…have a 
beer…use the internet…laundry service and mingle with friendly Thai people…guest 
and/or inhabitants of the condo.’s customer service etiquette is simply superb. Everything that 
I read on the website was step by step perfect…booking…check-in…check-out and 
airport pickup. There was not one hassle. They provided everything you needed. 
All you really have to do is bring your clothes. 

I highly recommend to anyone that is planning on visiting the Jomtien Beach/Pattaya 
area to stay at one of their condos. Make a reservation and you’ll never regret it. 
A lot better than staying in a hotel. I’ll be staying there again.

Many thanks to I cannot forget his little daughter for bringing me 
a wonderful welcoming gift. Mmm..Mmm….Good!

Carroll Alestock
Baghdad, Iraq…..Work
Maryland USA….Home
Checked out of View Talay 1:   10 January 2009
Everything went as planned and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. 

The service was first class.  I cannot say enough about the attention
to detail which would put a lot of Hotels to shame! Before I went I was
a bit concerned about getting to and from the heart of Pattaya, but it
is dead easy on either the Baht bus, or my preferred mode of transport -- which is the
Motorbike Taxi. The Condo complex feels safe and managed, the swimming
pool is brilliant and everything essential you need is right to hand.
ATM, Internet, Laundry, 24hr shop, Bar, food - The Lot! 

Great customer service with confirmation e-mail a few days before
arrival and another e-mail after I returned home thanking me for my
business and asking me for any comments or ways to improve customer

Brilliant value for money, very satisfied and I will be back without any

Chris Allan
Checked out of View Talay 5:   19 January 2009 
Many thanks for a very nice holiday stay in condo on 12th floor in View Talay 5C.
The location is perfect, near the beach, with nice view to the sea from the large balcony. It is quiet h, with no through traffic, but still only a short walk from the busy Jomtien Beach Road.

Everything went very smoothly, from booking to check-out. booked the airport transfer and welcomed us for check-in.  
They supplied everything we needed in the room, even the full 3 weeks supply of fresh bottle water for the water cooler.

It is easy to understand that many want to rent this condo, but if possible we would like to stay there again next time.

Best wishes from Sweden,
Arne and Eddie
Checked out of View Talay 5C:   26 December 2008 

I was fortunate enough to stay in's VT5 condo in December 2008. The whole experience was hassle free from the initial booking to check out.  We were met on time, and was showed around the condo and explained how everything worked. After a few tips about the surrounding area we were left to kick back and relax for the next 3 weeks.

After many months of work it was really good to have a place where you could do your own thing and have no worries about vacating the room everyday for house maids. Being able to cook breakfast with the GF was a nice change. The condo was really easy to keep clean and everything was supplied.  Getting a good sleep at night was no problem with any real noise from local bars etc. After 30 plus trips to Thailand and spending 4 months a year in country I was in no rush to paint the town red in my first week. The beach is a pleasant short walk away.

After the first week though I was rearing to go and getting to the nightlife of Pattaya and back was no problem. Just pop down to the main road and there was usually a songteaw (local "baht bus") stoping within 30 seconds to pick us up. 10B later and we were at the top end of the walking street area.  Getting home again was equally as easy. 

If you are after a good, clean, new condo run by well organised and honest people you really cannot go wrong.

Keith M

Checked out of View Talay 5:   17 November 2008,

We're back in Macau and back at work, we would like to thank the both of you 
for efficiency provided regarding transportation and prompt reply to any query 
we had. The Condo was just great, clean and secure. We would surely recommend 
your Condo to any of our friends who are interested in visiting Jomtien in the 

It would be great if you have accommodation like this in Patong, Phuket, we 
normally go there at least three times a year.

Once again thank you for the excellent service provided.

Lolly & Helder Fernando
Checked out of View Talay 5:   2 August 2008 
Idéalement situé à 50 mètres de la plage de Jomtien, très calme et sécurisé,
c'est une excellente alternative à un séjour hôtelier.
Ma fille Samantha a beaucoup appréciée la proximité de la plage et de
Pattaya Park.  Les couchés de soleil sont magnifique et me laisse des souvenirs mémorables.
Une adresse a retenir pour mes prochains séjours !


Stefan, Wandee et Samantha


Checked out of View Talay 1 7 July 2008

Yesterday we arrived back in Holland after a really wonderful month in Thailand. The first two weeks in your condo made a great start. We meet several nice inhabitants of the condos and we will certainly contact you again in future for another stay. Your wife has been a great help, as well as the driver was at the airport. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Next year we will be living in Kanchanaburi permanently since we both found a job at the university there. Hope to meet you then.

Greetings Nel and Henri Allard


Checked out of View Talay 1 8 June 2008

My girlfriend and I want to let you know that we had a very pleasant stay at your condo.  You take care of everything, including the taxi at airport, very good. I liked the swimming pool very much. I know for sure when i come back to Thailand (I will try to get back in October again for two weeks). I will remember our pleasant stay at your condo and will not hesitate to make a reservation with you again.
My best wishes for you your wife and your little daughter.
Greetings from Holland
Peter Spijkhoven


Checked out of View Talay 1 31 March 2008

I had yet another great stay at View Talay 1. The taxi was waiting for me at the airport as were at the condo. There was plenty of drinking water in the fridge. The mobile phone is very handy and the safe is very reassuring. The building is very quiet at night which is a must for me. At these prices I can't see myself staying in a hotel in Pattaya again.
Manchester, England


Checked out of View Talay 5 20 March 2008

We were very satisfied with our stay in your condo in View Talay 5 in march
2008. Everything was all right, including pick-up and return to the airport.
It was easy to arrange extra cleaning and washing service at first floor.
The condo rental was comfortable and a worry-free experience.
Especially we were happy with the drinking water machine and the cell-phone.

We will recommend this condo to everyone. Try this instead of booking a room
at a hotel! 

There is a big balcony with a very good view of the beach and sea.  

We played a lot of golf during the vacation, and it's easy to get transport
to different golf courses. Contact Pattaya Sports Club for information. 
Next time in Thailand we will try to stay in this condo again.

Stein Flataker


Checked out of View Talay 5 21 January, 2008

I really enjoyed my stay in View Talay 5.......the condo was superb....everything in the condo finished off very well.... I did a lot of cooking as there are 2 electric rings for cooking.....there are plenty of pots and pans and also lots of cutlery in this unit.......  The bed was very big and comfortable...there are plenty of places to sit in the condo and the balcony.....the view from the balcony was beautiful........  The shower was superb..... Hot water was always available.....'s was there to greet me when I arrived and was very helpful.. I will definetly be using's condo again........


Checked out of View Talay 5 29 December 2007

I recommend this condo highly, because you feel at home right when you enter the front door.  The balcony has a terrific view of the beach and seaThe condo is well decorated and there is everything you need, as says on his web site.  I booked this condo for one month but could stay for ever.  Thank you both,, for your kindness and the perfect arrangements you made for my stay.



Checked out of View Talay 1 (6th floor) 28 November 2007

I s
tayed for 3 weeks in the View Talay 1B unit -- very good and highly recommended.
First, I met up with and went over the particulars, then fell fast asleep after a long jet ride.
Woke up with a big smile and eager to see the sights. The cell phone is a nice touch. In fact, many nice touches throughout my condo unit. View Talay is quiet, yet easily accessible to all the action. It was kinda nice to dial back out of the fray
and take stock of things. I used the most excellent pool on a daily basis. It is about 40m in length, single depth (no deep end), and has excellent pool temperature.
There are plenty of small markets, eateries and bars about without having to slog into town.
If you rent a scooter, no problem. Great parking, shaded. Excellent security at View Talay as well.
Elevators as well as steps. Good views, balcony, air-con, shower, microwave and 'fridge. Why cook when there are so many great restaurants to be had in town?
Or, just grab a "motosai" taxi or baht bus and're there.
Great place to call home during your next visit to Thailand.
Drop a line and block out a time to stay in heaven!

Jim Burgel
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Checked out of View Talay 1:  November 2007

Having just rented a Condo from for two weeks I must say how impressed I was with the desire of to help in every way possible to make my stay happy and successful.


I was apprehensive when making the reservation by Internet but this was ill-founded as I found the condo very clean, well stocked with basic needs and nicely furnished, all within the price as stated.


You get everything says on his web page, and his response to request was always prompt when arranging by E-mail.


When returning to Jomtien, which I will. I will always consider first, for a condo.



Durham. England .


Checked out of View Talay 1:  May 2007

Thanks again for an all too short visit. The condo was again very clean and ready to use.  I liked the addition of the fan, as neither I nor my lady like it too cold and the air con definitely gets too cold for me.  The TV and DVD/CD player worked fine, as did all the remote controls.  LOL, I'm even "learning" to like Thai soap operas.  Your wife was extremely helpful and gracious, as always.  She is very good at making one "feel at home" and so welcome.  The only thing I could fault was the length of my stay, it just wasn't long enough.  I look forward to staying again and again in your condos. 

Thanks again,
Groves, Texas


Checked out of View Talay 1:  April 2007

"I stayed in View Talay 1 on the 6th floor.  The condo was spacious and clean. was there on time to meet me.  I have stayed in many hotels in Pattaya, all in different price ranges, but I don't think you will be able to beat's condos on price and quality anywhere else. There is a pre-pay mobile phone for you to use, plenty of soap and shampoo.  I booked the room for 4 weeks.  I thought I was going to stay in a hotel for the last 3 days of my holiday, but then this plan was scrapped as soon as asked if I would like to stay longer.  I will definitely be using their service again."

Manchester, England


Checked out of View Talay 5: April 2007

"Many thanks to you and your wife for making our stay so enjoyable!  Joe and I had a wonderful time in View Talay 5.  It was very convenient to be able to pay everything in advance with my visa card from the UK and also to know that the water and electricity was included in my rental.  This condo is very clean and well decorated and it was a pleasure to be in.  We particularly liked the spacious shower area. The beach is nearby and you don't have to walk far to get a taxi.  The balcony has terrific views of Jomtien beach and the sea. The welcome by was terrific - with even cold beer and cool drinking water. We definitely will be returning and highly recommend the condo!!!"

Joe & Brian


Checked out of View Talay 1:  April 2007

"We found booking with over the internet very easy and helpful. When we arrived the condo was clean, fully stocked with extra linen, crockery, and even spare reading material. We had the 7th floor condo in VT1.  Our balcony provided a great vantage point in which to watch the Songkran celebrations below. We had a very relaxing stay.  We needed to stay an extra day, and this was very easily organized with If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, with very affordable clean accommodation, these condos are highly recommended."
Perth Western Australia


Checked out of View Talay 1:  January 2007

" was extremely helpful both in getting me checked in at 0230 in the morning, and in providing transportation into Pattaya to my next accommodation after I checked out. My thanks to her brother for the transportation. The condo was great, a considerable $$ saving over staying in my regular hotel. Easy to keep clean and cool. Security was good, and the small restaurants and grocery store were quite handy. The extra sheet and towels really came in handy. My lady thought the condo was so nice that she invited her girl friend to stay with her while I was on a side trip to Cambodia, perhaps one of the reasons my condo unit stayed so clean."
Thanks again,
Groves, Texas


Checked out of View Talay 1:  December 2006

" must have the nicest condos in Pattaya. and his workers are also the nicest people!  We stayed in two different units on separate stays: one on the 6th floor, and the other on the 7th floor of View Talay 1, building B

We received great service. arranged a sedan car to pick us up in the middle of the night from the new airport, where the driver had a prominent, printed sign with my name on it. As my first time to Asia, this was a godsend after being on connecting planes for around 20 hours.

When we arrived, was there to meet us at 3:30 a.m. That kindness really made us feel secure in a new and foreign land.

Cold drinking water was already there for us in the refrigerator, which was great…since the last thing one wants to do at 3:30 am is to stumble around in a foreign land looking for something like that.

I had a nice large, comfortable, king sized bed, which I got all to myself. I also had a friend sleep on one of the floor mattresses that provides.

Air Conditioning (or air-con as locals seem to call it) was so sweet.
 I kept it at 68 F, and conveniently the electricity was included in my rent – no worry is right!  When I first arrived, I thought it was warm in Thailand at 3:30 am, but the next day there was strong heat and humidity.  I wasn't used to the tropical heat yet.  After walking around all day sweating, like I was the river Nile, the "air-con" was like heaven on earth when I stepped inside!'s attention to detail was simply beyond the usual. For example, there was an ashtray with a lighter on the coffee table. It's clear from the lack of scent in the beautiful condo that no other guests smoked in the room. So we smoked on the balcony, which was no biggie, and really we felt it was the least we could do to be polite and not smell up the place.  There were such nice homey touches throughout.  I loved the DVD player and cable TV, since I could keep up on the news back home. tries to think of everything so you don’t have to: a new refrigerator, microwave, all the cleaning supplies needed, soap and shampoo, pen and paper, screwdriver, felt tip marker, etc., and all the odd things most people renting condos would never think they need, but those were the things we actually did need and use.

This was our first experience with’s condos. They didn't have availability for part of the time that we were spending in Jomtien/Pattaya (as it was high season), so found us another dwelling in another serviced apartment, which was twice the price and had no bedding or anything  -- luckily she lent us bedding and bought other supplies, which was great.
  We had to pay extra for water and electricity at this other serviced apartment: 400 baht for four days electricity and 25 baht for water. He could have let us fend for ourselves and we would probably end up paying thrice the price.  Price was a factor for us. Service with exemplar!

We needed one additional day before we moved on to Koh Chang, and had that one day free on his 7th floor condo. That 7th floor unit matched our experience on the 6th floor condo. The condos are decorated with the use of artificial plants and it looks great with the nice print pattern of the drapes, which was very tastefully blending nicely with the blankets.
  The decoration is very pleasing in both!

I heartily recommend's condos to travelers coming to Jomtien and Pattaya. You will get a great pool with food/beverage facilities poolside and all the amenities you could need (internet, restaurants, laundry, bars, etc all reasonably priced) located either in building B, or building A.
  The location makes it easy to get around."

Big Bear City, CA, USA


Checked out of View Talay 1:  December 2006

"I stayed at's View Talay Condo in Pattaya, Thailand for a period of three weeks in November 2006. I really enjoyed my stay. The condo is very nice and modern, with enough room for a couple, and more than enough room for a single traveler like myself. It is situated close to Jomtien Beach, and the "downtown" of Pattaya is a short 10-minute jeep ride away.

The location of the condo is perfect because you are away from the very busy and congested part of Pattaya, but still close enough that it's easy to go there should you need the exciting nightlife of the "Walking Street" area. Jomtien Beach is a nicer and cleaner beach than Pattaya Beach itself. The condo grounds are nice and have 24-hour security, a nice and large swimming pool area, and various restaurants, massage parlors, an Internet cafe, and even laundry service!

As far as the condo itself, I stayed in the very roomy and comfortable 7th Floor Condo of View Talay 1 Building B. In the condo unit is a very nice size, new, and quiet refrigerator and a microwave. There's a TV with Cable Access and a DVD player. The cable was great because it allowed me to stay in touch with news back in the USA, as you get both CNN, the Fox News Channel, and BBC News. The bed was a very roomy king-size bed. There's a very efficient and powerful air-conditioning unit that will shelter you from the hot and humidity outside! Staying in a condo beats staying in an impersonal hotel, and you don't have to deal with maids and housekeepers, especially if you like your privacy. This was very important to me as well, since I brought my laptop and other electronics. You can also sign up to get wireless internet for a great price, not from, but directly from the condo management office. They have wireless routers on every floor, so the signal was always great. and his wife provide cleaning supplies and a vacuum, if you're on the neat-freak side of things!

Most of all, was very pleasant and professional, and the fact that you can pay him via PayPal was a great convenience for me, rather than having to cash a large sum of money to pay for the rent. The price of the condo cannot be beat, especially when you take into consideration that all water, electricity, and cable is included. What he advertises on his website is what you truly get - no hidden  or extra fees. I shopped around while here in Pattaya, and I could not find any other properties that included all these in their rental price.

I plan to rent from again when I travel back to Pattaya. I highly recommend this condo or the others that he has in Pattaya. He is very accommodating and will always give you the best and the most fair price."

Boston, USA


Checked out of View Talay 1:  October 2006

"Great condo, great location & great price!  Thank you for making me feel at home in Pattaya!

Dustin of California, USA



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