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Email me to reserve your stay:  Info@ViewTalayCondos.com


Frequently Asked Questions --  taken from actual emails I have received.  The answer to your question may be here!  -- Prepared November 1st, 2006


Do you have anything with internet access in the room?  YES. All of my short term condo rentals include your own DSL internet connection. It is not shared with anyone.

What is your cancellation policy?  You can cancel your reservation and receive 3,000B of your 5,000B refund on your reservation deposit up to 1 month prior to your reserved check-in date.  Please understand, after that there will be no refund on your deposit should you decide to cancel or not show up for your rental.  Please be considerate and inform me if your plans change.


Are you a real estate agent?  No I am not a real estate agent.

Should I bring my own bedding?  There is no need to bring your own bedding or towels, unless you want to.  I will provide at least:  4 pillow cases, 2 bolster cases, 2 bed sheets, 1 comforter, and 4 towels for you at check-in.  During your stay you can leave your bedding with the laundry shops downstairs when you want it washed.  The shops should all be able to receive your laundry in the morning and have it ready for you in the evening, at your request.

What else do you provide with the rental?   I provide ample supplies of soap, shampoo, conditioner, tissue, drinking water, and other various items such as beach mats and ping pong paddles.

How much in U.S.  Dollars?  Please check this yourself using yahoo's up to the minute currency exchange calculation tool:  http://finance.yahoo.com/currency.  The exchange rate changes a bit everyday, so if I list prices in US Dollars, then that quote will be out of date the next day.

When would you need the security deposit to ensure my reservation?  Your reservation is only ensured once you pay your security/reservation deposit (5,000B).  So, I would say it is best to reserve your dates as soon as possible once you have set your plans.  I have customers reserving high season dates sometimes close to a year in advance.  Please check this link to view all the reservations I am currently holding in my units

Can you give me the address and the complex name?   

View Talay 1 mailing address:

Viewtalay jomtien beach condominium (project 1)
340/(floor#) moo 12
Thappraya rd, Nongprue
Banglamung, Chonburi 20150  -- You can receive mail and it will go directly into the mailbox on the same floor as your room

View Talay 5 address:

Viewtalay jomtien beach condominium (project 5)
477/(floor#) moo 12
Thappraya rd, Nongprue
Banglamung, Chonburi 20150   -- You can receive mail here and retrieve it from the office. 

View Talay 7 address:

Viewtalay jomtien beach condominium (project 7)
505/(floor#) moo 12
Thappraya rd, Nongprue
Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 -- You can receive mail and it will go directly into the mailbox on the same floor as your room

Is there any way that I can have someone look at the unit for me?  Certainly, if our schedules can allow it, and only if the room is vacant at that time.

I use "Net Teller" so can we do the deposit that way?  I'm sorry, I only use Paypal as my web payment service to accept deposits.  It's the easiest way I know of to accept payments by credit card.  Paypal gives customers top quality protection, so I feel most people like it a lot.  You do not need to become a member of Paypal just to make a Paypal payment for your deposit.

Of your two View Talay 1 rentals, is one better than the other?  I would say they are both of a similar standard.  The color schemes are different, but the layout is very similar.  I keep them both in very good condition.  My 6th floor unit only has a shower, but my 7th floor unit has a shower/bathtub combo.

Do you pick up at airport?  Yes I can arrange a private airport pick-up at the rate of 1,200B including all tolls to deliver you from Suvarnabhumi BKK Int'l Airport to your check-in with me.

Also what are your rates for one and two bedrooms?  I don't have any one and two bedrooms available for rentals right now, only 1 room studio condos with private bathroom and balcony.

Do your condos have a sea view?  View Talay 1 has the ocean in the view, but since it is not an ocean front development, most of the view is of Jomtien city.  View Talay 5 is an ocean front complex and so the view of the sea is very beautiful.

Do you require deposit? How is the exchange done if I come in late at night direct from airport?  I do not accept reservations without a deposit.  Late night arrivals are fine.  Kindly let me know your flight arrival information as soon as possible when reserving.  

How far is this building from the beach?  To give you an idea of the distance, View Talay 1 is around a 10 minute walk to the beach -- or be there in 1 minute using the baht bus service in front of the driveway for 10 Baht.  View Talay 5 is right on the beach -- there is no walk to consider.

What's the water temp like in the ocean?  Is it warm enough to swim?  The water is warm enough to swim and very comfortable to swim in the ocean all year round. In otherwards, the water is not cold.

I may be interested in renting your condo in Thailand.  My only concern is the distance from Pattaya nightlife.  The distance to Walking street in South Pattaya is 5-10 minutes, depending on traffic, in the numerous and plentiful baht busses passing by View Talay day and night (in the middle of the night, and the wee hours of the early mornings too -- same price).  So, my condos are very very convenient to the nightlife. 

Is there a Gym?  No, View Talay does not have a gym, however there are many fitness centers nearby at reasonable prices in both Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.  I can recommend Tony's Fitness Center in South Pattaya as having the best facilities at the best price. Now there is a Tony's Fitness in Jomtien also.

What would be my monthly and/or the total rate?  Please see my rates page.  All the prices listed are inclusive of water and electricity charges, so there are no surprises at checkout like with other condo rentals.  There is a 2 week minimum rental.

How much is due at arrival?  At check-in your total rental fee is required.  Your 5,000B reservation/security deposit paid in advance will be refunded to you on your check-out day.

How do I make a reservation?  First check my current/existing reservations page to check availability.  Email me to confirm availability (Info@ViewTalayCondos.com), then I can send you the Paypal payment request email to pay for your deposit.  Follow the link to pay your deposit, once paid, then your reservation is complete.  Please also email me your arrival/departure information so we can plan convenient check-in and check-out times for you.

Is there a telephone line for dialup internet ?  No there is not a telephone line for the room, but there is wifi.

Do your condos have air conditioning?  Yes, my condos have air conditioners, kept in very good condition, and professionally cleaned (as the manufacturer recommends) every 6 months to work in tip top condition.

Do your condos have an 'in room safe'?  Yes, in room electronic safes are located in the closet of all units.

Do the condos suffer from 'break ins' and what is the general state of the interior of the block itself?  Please understand, I ask this from the perspective of someone, who has never visited Pattaya before, let alone seen the block in question.    The condition of View Talay Condo buildings is very very good, and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular to stay in these buildings.  The condos do not have a problem with 'break ins'.  There are security cameras on every floor, each elevator, each entrance, and 24 hour security guards located at each building and at different points around the complex.  The quality of the people staying at View Talay is very pleasant, with many expats to talk to.

Are the residents mostly Thai's or 'Farrangs'?  The residents are mostly 'Farrangs'.  For those who don't know, Farrang is the name that Thais call Westerners.  The literal meaning of the word means the "guava fruit", and it is not a negative name at all to be called.

How many of these condos do you own? Just the one or several? I ask, as I'm wondering whether I really need to make the 5000 baht security/reservation deposit now, or whether I'll should wait until end April?  Right now I have 3 units available for rentals.  My condos are quite popular already with many repeat customers.  The high season can be booked many months in advance.  Once you decide you want to rent one of my condos, then that would be the best time to reserve with me.

If I wanted to walk to 'Walking St', how long would it take?  I have never done the walk to walking street, but it would probably take 20 minutes for a brisk walker.  I would choose to take the baht busses, since they are cheap (only 10B), quick (around 5-10 minutes) and plentiful.  I can't ever remember waiting more than 1 minute for a baht bus in front of the View Talay driveway.  They will stop anywhere along the way once you ring the buzzer.

Would I be meeting you on the day of arrival or someone else? You may be meeting me, or someone else who is scheduled to meet you.

So no one else is authorized to enter the condo, when I'm out and about?  That is correct.  I will never use my key to enter your condo during your rental.  Guest privacy is important, and is one of the reasons why some people like to rent a condo instead of a hotel.

So as I understand it, the responsibility for cleaning the flat is mine, unless I choose to hire the maid service? So presumably this means I will not suffer any interruptions, like in a hotel, guesthouse?  That is correct.  At check-in I offer you a very clean condo.  During your rental you can choose to have it cleaned anytime you like.  At check-out I will take care of cleaning for the next guest.

Which floor will I probably be on?  We can assign the room number and floor number to you at the time you reserve with me.

If I initially rented for two weeks, with the intention of staying longer and if I liked the set up, presumably an extended stay would not be possible, if the condo had been promised to another customer, at the end of my initial two weeks?  That is correct.  If the condo has been reserved for another customer after your initial 2 weeks are up, then I would need you to keep with your originally scheduled checkout.  You are more than welcome to extend your stay, if the condo has not been previously reserved by another customer for those extra nights.

Are there any condos for sale?  From time to time I am aware of condos for sale.  If you are looking to buy one, then by all means email me and inquire.

I am looking for the cheapest condo possible, cheaper than the condos on your web site.  Do you know of anything?  Yes I do sometimes, email me.

Could you tell me the size of the room please and if there are cooking facilities and aircon?  View Talay 1 Condos are 32sqm.  View Talay 5 Condos are 48sqm.  View Talay 5 has full cooking facilities in the kitchen, while View Talay 1 does not have cooking facilities, but still has a microwave, fridge, and hot water machine. View Talay 7 is 48sqm and has full kitchen, with cooking facilities.

Is there a swimming pool on site?  Yes, absolutely the big beautiful swimming pools at View Talay Condos are probably the main attraction.  The pools are very friendly for socializing, lounging around, having lunch at the pool house, and for doing laps.

Is the condo fully furnished?  Yes, completely.

Do your condos have beach views?  What would the price be for a condo for the month of September?  View Talay 1 is not an ocean front complex, so the beach views are not ideal.  The view is mostly of Jomtien cityscape, but the ocean is in the view.  View Talay 5 is an ocean front complex, and so the views of the ocean are beautiful.  September is part of my low season price.  Please see my rates page for pricing information.

How much is it for cleaning and changing the bed linens and towels?  There are laundry shops downstairs in View Talay 1, and View Talay 5 that will clean your linens at reasonable rates.  If you give your things to them in the morning, then your things are can usually be ready to pick up in the evening.  

Do you have two adjoining condos?  No, not at this time.  However, it would only take a half a minute in View Talay 1 to walk the stairs or to take the elevator from the 7th floor to the 6th floor.  I sometimes have people reserving both of these condos at the same time so they can be near each other

Do your condos have hot water and shower facility?  Yes each condo has its own shower or bathtub, with hot and cold water.

What is the charge for a condo on about the 8th 9th floor?  Unfortunately, I don't own the whole building.

If there is a phone, can it receive direct international calls into the room and is there a fee for inbound calls?  Yes you can receive international calls to the complimentary mobile phone I will offer you during your rental.  Most all the internet cafes have headphone and microphone to do internet telephone calling (example:  http://www.skype.com).

What would the price be for 5 weeks in the View Talay 5 condo?  Please see my rates page.  The price would be 1 month + a bit more or the extra days pro-rated.  Email me for a quote.

Can we stay away from whole night rowdy drinkers/ gogo bar hoppers?  View Talay is quiet and peaceful, with good security.  Those who want to enjoy the nightlife can do that very conveniently, and those who want to lay back and relax can be happy as well.  It makes for an ideal holiday for just about everyone.

Can we guarantee a taxi on call?  I can guarantee to you that there is never an issue getting transport around Jomtien and Pattaya, especially at View Talay.  The truth is I never have to wait more than 1 minute to get a baht bus going either direction on the street passing View Talay.

Can I do weekly extensions?  Yes, absolutely -- if your extension does not conflict with another person's reservation.  I take reservations very seriously, so if you would like to extend your stay it would be a good idea to let me know ASAP -- to be sure it is even possible.

What is the yearly rate?  Currently I don't have a yearly rate.  If you are looking for a year's lease, by all means email me and I may be able to help you find one at a great price.

How far is it to Walking Street from View Talay Condos? What about the baht bus transportation, how much does it cost and how does it work?  Baht busses cost 10B, day or night, anywhere the baht bus goes on it's route in Jomtien and Pattaya.  If you need to transfer baht busses, you must pay again.  Please use correct change (a 10B coin) to avoid any issues.  Don't ask the baht bus driver how much it costs, since you read the price here already.  World famous Walking Street is just 5-10 minutes away by baht bus costing 10B per person anytime day or night.  You will not have a problem finding a shared baht bus from Walking Street back to View Talay Condos at even 3 or 4 in the morning.  It really is that easy.

What is the nearest airport or transportation point? Bangkok's Suvarnabumi International Airport (BKK) is the closest major airport to Pattaya.  There is a minor, much smaller airport, called U-tapao that is about 45 minutes away from Pattaya that has airplanes going to Phuket, Koh Samui, and Russia.  

What city exactly is your apartment building  located & how far from beach and action?   I'm looking for two rooms next to each other.  My condos are in Pattaya at Jomtien beach.  The View Talay 1 complex is a 10 minute walk from the beach, or 1 minute on the baht busses costing 10B.  View Talay 5 complex is right on the beach.  The "action" in Pattaya is easily found.  The famous 'Walking Street' is just 5-10 minutes away on the baht busses (10B). 

Do you have any rooms with a separate bedroom? No, not at this time.

Is there a kitchen, and with what in side? My View Talay 5 condo has a completely stocked modern kitchen with a stove and many appliances. In my View Talay 1 condos there is only a fridge, microwave, hot drinking water machine, dishes, and silverware, etc.

What about electricity and water bills? My prices include all water and electricity charges. I offer 1 price for your rental. With my rentals you don't need to be concerned about the charges.

I have never been to Pattaya.  Is the condo close to the nightlife? Like Walking Street etc?  Yes it is close to the nightlife and Walking Street, but far enough away to have peace of mind and enjoy your day by the pool with coconut trees swaying in the wind.

I just need to know if there are Thai massage schools nearby?  My girlfriend will be staying with me in your condos and she wants to attend one of the schools.   Massage schools may exist, but I don't know about them.  There are some famous Thai cooking schools in Pattaya.  If you are just looking for a massage, then the Thai Blind Massage Institute (TBMI) is my favorite place, and is just a short walk away.

For Americans, do you know how long we are allowed to stay in Thailand without applying for visas...just passports?  30 Days on arrival.  But you can have 60 days + 30 day extension if you pay around $25 for a standard tourist visa at a Thai embassy or consulate abroad.

What part of southern Thailand are these beaches located?  Jomtien and Pattaya beach is not located in the south of Thailand, but rather closer to Bangkok (1.5 to 2.5 hours), on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard

How much does it cost to get down to the southern islands like Phuket from your location?  By airplane you can fly for as little as 2,000B one way, or 1,000B by train, or even cheaper by Bus.  Also there is a ferry service Pattaya to Koh Samui in the south leaving every other day costing around 1000B and up.

Can a person get daily maid service for a small charge? Most people don't need daily maid service when they rent a condo. Maid service is available for 300B each time you order it, available from the office downstairs. If you would like to clean yourself, I have all cleaning supplies for you already in the room, including even a full size vacuum cleaner.

By the way, where exactly is View Talay Condos in relation to Jomtien Beach?  My condos are in Jomtien beach. View Talay 1 is not an ocean front complex, but a 10 minute walk passing by shops and restaurants and you will be right on the beach -- or 1 minute on the baht busses costing 10B will get you there. View Talay 5 is an ocean front development in Jomtien.



For more information, or to make a reservation, please email:   Info@ViewTalayCondos.com