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Business Plan and Concept

Know what your customer wants.  Offer the customer a great product at a great price.  The customer will return, and will recommend that product to others.  

View Talay Condos are not a hotel, not an apartment. These are condominiums , where each unit is individually owned.

I understand that my customers are different than those who stay in a hotel for their Jomtien/Pattaya holiday.  I believe that customers who would decide to rent a condo short term appreciate the privacy it provides them during their stay, as well as the cost savings.   They donít need a room cleaning everyday, and actually prefer it this way.  They like the little extras that a condo can provide, such as full size fridge, microwave, balcony, a little extra space, etc. 

This customer may like the feeling of staying in a condo, because it can give the feeling you have a home here, even just for a few weeks.  Some want to get a feel for what it is like living in a condo, because they are looking to stay long term somewhere in the area in the future.

I believe in being completely upfront about my rentals, and this is why I put as much information as possible on my web site.

My customers like the assurance that nobody will ever enter your room between your check-in and checkout.  This creates a peace of mind to many, eliminating the concerns of hotel maid theft.  Maid service is available during your stay, but at your own expense.  Maid cleaning at checkout is my expense. 

When my customer checks in, I want them to feel like my condos are their second home.

I donít charge extra for electricity or water.  I offer one price for your rental.  This is different than most condo and apartment rentals, so I expect this should create an easy feeling of knowing exactly what your rental costs; knowing there will be no extra or hidden charges at checkout at all.  I donít even charge for a room cleaning at checkout.

I make sure the condo is very clean at check-in; your bed is made, and even give complimentary supplies such as drinking water, soap, shampoo, conditioner, tissue paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, and plenty of towels and linens.  All linens and towels are professionally cleaned, (this is compared to some hotels that use the same blanket without cleaning it for many different customers).

When my customers are happy, then I am happy.  I strongly believe by offering a product that demonstrates real value, then my customers will return again and again, and they will recommend it to others.  I know once a customer finds a place they like to stay, a place they feel welcome and at home, then they will come back.  

I want repeat customers, as I know this is the way to a successful business.  I remember visiting Pattaya before I was renting out condos.  I was loyal to the hotels where I felt welcome, and which offered great value.  This is the goal I have in mind with my condos.  I have a lot of repeat customers now, and get many customers via personal recommendations.



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