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View Talay Jomtien Project 5 details, ocean front complex, beautiful sea view!  (scroll down for written information)




Low Season:  May 2017 to September 2017

High Season:  October 2017 to April 2018

Low Season:  May 2018 to September 2018

View Talay Jomtien Condominium, Project 5, Building D, 12th fl (studio 55sqm) 1 month/26,000B 1 month/27,000B 1 month/25,000B
3 weeks/21,000B 3 weeks/22,000B 3 weeks/21,000B
2 weeks/15,000B 2 weeks/17,000B 2 weeks/15,000B



Looking at View Talay 5 from the top of the famous Pattaya Park Tower and resort nearby:


NEW -- View Talay 5, Building D, 55sqm,12th floor, double large balcony, condo pics:

Sunset on Jomtien/Dongtan Beach, in front of View Talay 5 and 7:

WIFI internet is included in your condo rental. All of my short term rentals include a dedicated DSL line.

Your condo unit will be clean, and your king size bed will be made.  At check-in these linens will be ready:

  1. at least 4 clean towels

  2. at least 2 clean sheets

  3. at least 1 comforter blanket

  4. at least 4 pillows with 4 pillow cases

There will be ample supplies of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, and drinking water waiting for you at check-in.  Everything in the condo is for you to use during your stay (not for take-away please).  

Electronic safety deposit box is located in the closet of your condo unit.

About the complex:  This building has 22 floors, swimming pool, and private access to the beach.  Don't miss the spectacular sunset on the beach every evening.  There are shops, restaurants, internet cafe, and laundry in the building.  There is also a restaurant serving many varieties of food and drinks at the pool house.

Location:  View Talay 5 shares its beach front land with Avalon Beach Resort.  The condo building finished construction in October 2006, and so everything is all new.  The location is ideal, as it is right on the beach, and located very conveniently for public transport around Pattaya and Jomtien.  You can hop on the baht bus and be at the famous "Walking Street" in 5-10 minutes.  The price is 10B per person day or night to go anywhere on one of the shared baht busses in Pattaya and Jomtien (please always use exact change to avoid any confusion).  

The condo unit:  If you want to rent a condo that will impress, then this unit is for you.  Located on the 12th floor overlooking the ocean, size 48sqm, this studio unit has a large private balcony with table and 4 chairs outside, and a private bathroom with hot shower.   The room is painted with 3 shades of yellow, baby blue curtains, and a dark red granite tiled floor.  Furniture has all been well thought out with a romantic solid dark wood canopy bed, bedside end tables and lamps, huge closet with mirror, and a fold out sofa for an extra person.  On top of the entertainment center piece is a 29" slim fit TV (including 60 channel cable TV with channels such as BBC, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, HBO, etc), and an all zone DVD/MP3/JPEG/ player.  The kitchen is fully stocked with 2 stove burners, sink, pots and pans, 2 door fridge, microwave, blender, rice machine, toaster, various other appliances, and a kitchen table with 2 chairs.  If you feel like turning off the a/c and prefer a fan, then just open up the balcony door and feel the ocean breeze.  

I have put in a high quality water filter, so you can just put your glass under the spout and have water to drink water anytime.  This is all free for you during your stay.  It will save you a lot of hassle (and money!) not having to carry those heavy drinking water bottles back to your room like everyone else does.  There really are no extra charges with my condos.  

The beach boardwalk is closed to traffic and cars each day, so you can enjoy taking long beach walks up and down Jomtien and Dongtan beach.  Trust me, you'll never want to go back home when you stay in your condo at View Talay 5.

Security:  There will always be security located at the front driveway of View Talay 5 and Avalon Resort, at the main lobbies, at the condo's private beach access, and in the car park.  Most people would agree that security is very good.  

Food:  The pool restaurant is open from morning until the evening serving up western and Thai foods, fresh juices, fruit shakes, cocktails, and coffee.  Also, restaurants serving food from around the world are awaiting your business just a few minutes walk away.  Walk along the beach and you will find many restaurants.

Maid Cleaning and Laundry:  Maid cleaning is available anytime for 300B.  You can schedule the cleanings from the office downstairs on the ground floor of the building.  At check-in your room will be professionally cleaned already, however cleanings during your rental can be scheduled and paid for on your own.  There are many laundry shops downstairs to take care of the bedding and your clothes.  If you give your linens to the shops in the morning you can usually be able to pick them up in the evening.  If not the evening, then the next day.  If you want them the same day, then you must specify that need.

Transportation:  It is easy to get around Pattaya and Jomtien from View Talay 5, View Talay 7, and View Talay 1, which is one of the reasons it is such a popular place to stay.  A 10B coin will take you all the way down Jomtien, or all through Pattaya (up to Tops in Central Pattaya, after that pay 20B) on one of the local "Baht Buses".  This transport runs day and night 24 hours, same price.  Use exact change and pay at the end of your ride. Don't ask the driver how much it costs, because then it shows that you don't know and you will be told a higher price. Just watch how the locals and expats do it and you will get the hang of it. A common alternative to public transport in Pattaya is to rent your own motorbike (can be found for 150B-200B per 24 hour period).  A good way to check the competition is to ask what insurance is included with the rental.  There is a motorbike rental shop in each building.

Within walking distance: Jomtien Complex, The Rabbit Resort, Avalon Resort, Thai Blind Massage Institute (TBMI), Gay/mixed beach, Pattaya Park, Nui's Place, The Venue, Sea Falcon, Continental Bakery, Bondi Bar, Pan Pan, Bookazine, Manuet, Grand Condotel, Palm Beach Inn, Sugar Palm Beach Hotel, Food Mart, Shennanigans, and many more places.

Any other questions?  Just ask.  

Tenants are mostly foreigners.  You will have neighbors from all over the world.

Fresh towels, fresh bedding, and a clean condo will be ready for you at check in  -- all we need is you! Come make yourself at home at your own condo/apartment in the exciting beach resort city of Pattaya/Jomtien.



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